Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angie and her education

Since I left Jogja one day after my graduation day on January 25, 2006, I have always wanted to go back there, to pursue my study. Perhaps I also want to get rid of my routines here. Talking about pursuing my study reminded me of one chat with one dearest friend of mine. I told him that I loved being a student since I was very lazy to force myself to study; such as to read a book then to write a review about it, or to write a paper. I needed lecturers to set deadlines so that I was ‘forced’ to work hard.
Do I miss Jogja, my ‘second hometown’ physically? Maybe.
This year I in fact have a great dream to pursue—to go to Jogja together with Angie: Angie to continue her study at UGM and myself to pursue my Doctor’s degree. Well, the title itself is not really important for me actually, but my craving contradicted to my laziness in studying. However, financial constraints hampered me to make this dream come true. L The only thing I can do is just to send Angie there, if she is accepted at UGM.
Imagining to visit Angie in Jogja is absolutely exciting for me. Two-week break by the end of each term is a big help for me to stay there for around two weeks. I can do what I used to do: visiting some bookstores that always give discounts, going swimming at UNY swimming pool, having brunch at RM Pak To, taking a walk along UGM boulevard, visiting some libraries, etc.
Still there is one big thing missing: the intellectual activities I used to do with my ‘gang of seven’ friends, including the classes I used to attend, the discussion I had in those classes.
While in fact it is not just the physical Jogja I have been missing.
A few days ago I tidied up the bedroom I have occupied with Angie. There was still one quite big box containing some plates, spoons, forks, chopsticks, glasses, napkins, etc. I brought that stuff home from Jogja in 2006. It was not clear why I still kept them in that box, why I didn’t just unpack it three years ago.
The box made me imagine some things I have to do/buy if later Angie is accepted at UGM. I will not just have to buy her some kitchen stuff (we will be lazy to bring some from Semarang to Jogja of course) but I have to buy some other things too: bed sheets, bookshelves, wardrobe, etc.
And I realized that I was somewhat reluctant to do these things. :(
This is not because I do not let Angie go out of town to pursue her study.
NOTE: Angie registered the entrance tests of UNDIP as well as UGM. She did the test at UNDIP last March 15. She will do the test of UGM next April 5. The result of the tests will be announced on April 25.
Just wish Angie the best luck, will ya?
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