Thursday, April 07, 2011

Angie's birthday 2011

Today is the birthday of my Lovely Star -- Angie, my one and only daughter.

Last night I successfully helped her junior high school friends to give her a surprise. They came to my house almost midnight, Angie was in her deep slumber. I opened the house door, let the two girls come in, and enter the bedroom with a very cute brownies cake and 2 candles on it, one candle is number 2, and the other one is number 0. 

After I turned on the lamp inside the bedroom, we sang 'happy birthday to you', and Angie absolutely woke up! She directly covered her head with a pillow and tried to shoo her friends away, because she was too shy! SHE DIDN'T WEAR PROPER CLOTHES! She of course also directly covered her body with her blanket properly.

Angie indeed did not pay attention to some 'trivial' things I did in our warm loving bedroom to prepare her friends' coming to surprise her! ha ha ha ... well, such as put things on their decent place, tried to make our bedroom look tidier (a bit!) xixixixixixi ...

And in fact ... Angie herself prepared her surprise for me! Gosh!!! This morning, when I got down of the motorcycle at the foot of Gombel hill -- and Angie continued her journey to campus in Tembalang -- she gave me a small box, with the name of one quite popular bakery in Semarang. I thought she bought some cookies for her college friends, but in fact, she gave the box to me.

"For you Mom!" she said.

I was surprised, but I didn't ask her anything since I was almost late to arrive at school. I was wondering what was inside, and why my most loved one even gave me a surprise on her birthday? After entering my classroom, I slowly opened it, and found a little note with Angie's handwriting.

April 8.
I'd like to say a few things today.

Thanks for being a great Mom and do everything for me
Thanks for all the effort you did for us since I was born
Thanks for feeding me, clothing me, sending me to college, and everything
but ...
I'm sorry I haven't done anything to make you proud
I am sorry I am failing in many classes. I am sorry I've been lazy every time
I am sorry I always speak rough to you or even yell at you
I am sorry I always disappoint you
I am sorry for every bad thing I've done
I will try my best and I need you to remind me when I don't do well
I love you, Mom. Do you know that? I suck at expressing my feelings to you cause you're always showering me with your love and it's hard to reply that great love and I always stay silent instead.
Oh, please, when you meet me after reading this letter, please act as if you never read this letter. Thinking about that makes me shy already.
And also I hate us conversing in English, I do it only for this letter.
Please don't expect me to speak English to you after this.

Thanks for everything, Mom. Angie is now 20! ^^

And ... I was shedding some tears when reading it. I have been always loving you, my sweetheart. and I will always love you.

GL7 08.10 080411


johnorford said...

great post! sounds like a lovely day : )

Nana Podungge said...

I think so too, John :)