Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The 2nd week of Angie at SMA N 3 Semarang

Last week, the first week, Angie was at 10-C class. There was one student coming from the same junior high school with her, SMPN 1. However, Angie told me that she didn't feel at ease at all in that class. She said that it was difficult for her to socialize with the other students. I told her that she needed some time to adapt herself with the new situation, with new classmates, also with the new environment.
The first three days was for MOS--Masa Orientasi Sekolah--or the time for school orientation, or the time to get to know the new school. Every day Angie went home telling me some extra curricular activities offered by the senior students. On the first day, she was interested in joining the school magazine--Cemeti. I encouraged her coz it means she can practice her writing. The second day, she came up with different interest; joining the modern dance club and martial arts club. The third day, she told me her interest in some other activities again. I let her make a choice.
The three days after MOS, there were some tests given to the students, to find out the capabilities of the students. The test comprised IPA (physics and biology), IPS (economics, history, and geography), Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mathematics. The result of the tests was used to classify the students. One class will consist of students considered as "bright", "moderate" and "low" students.
On the fourth day, I went there to attend the first meeting between the parents and the school's committee to talk about the monthly school fee and also some money needed by the school. I didn't bargain a lot, I just chose the minimal amount, 1.6 million rupiahs; while for the montly school fee, all students have to pay the same, Rp.150.000,00 per month.
The year 2005/2006 batch is the pilot project for SNBI (Sekolah Nasional Berstandar Internasional), or National school with International standard. The facilities provided will be comparable with schools from other countries that have International Standard; and five subjects will be given in English. No wonder if the montly fee is quite expensive for state schools in Semarang.
The second week, the students have been classified according to the result of the test. Happily Angie told me that she was in the same class with one good friend of hers that happens to have the same nickname with me--NANA. Moreover, the boy she has a crush on is in the same class. WOW. LOL.
Well, I have told Angie that she will always have to adapt with new situation, new friends, new environment. However, I am happy for her too now that she is in the same class with NANA. FYI, both of them have been close since they were in the fourth grade of elementary school; more than 6 years then. :)
Btw, during the meeting with the school, one member of the committee said that students there will oftentimes have to stay at school until afternoon, around 3-4pm. It means that they will need to have lunch at school. Hmm ... remembering some months ago, especially by the end of March and May, Angie suffered from typhus coz she got very exhausted and didnt have meals regularly, and perhaps also eat not really hygienic food, I warn Angie to take care of her health more carefully: choose the hygienic and nutrious food at school and have enough rest. However, of course she also has to study hard.
Angie still has a very long future. And I will always be by her side. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My "morning ritual" with Angie

Since Angie went to kindergarten in 1994, I have had morning ritual:taking her to school. In front of her school, after getting down of the motorcycle, Angie kisses my hand (the common ritual done by Muslim people, the children kiss the parents’ hand to show respect.) After that, I kiss Angie’s both cheeks, forehead, and nose. This is to show her that I love her. And then, Angie kisses my both cheeks too before entering the gate of the school building.
Once, coz Angie was in a hurry, she just kissed my hand, didn’t give me a chance to kiss her or she kissed me, and directly she ran away to enter the gate. I felt something robbed from my heart. And the whole day that day, I always thought of that moment, Angie and I didn’t kiss each other before she ‘left’ me to school. I felt uncomfortable.
The following day, Angie said, “Mom, you don’t need to kiss me yah?” Instantly I knew that she felt shy to her school mates that probably would consider her just as a spoilt baby. And I pleaded to her, “Oh you know honey, I cannot work all day without kissing you or your kissing me before you enter your school.” And Angie submitted herself. LOL. So, we still went on with our ‘ritual’. LOL.
Yesterday and the day before, Angie showed the similar sign, not let me kiss her cheeks, forehead, and then nose, moreover to kiss me back.
Oh well, she is bigger now coz she is already in senior high school. Perhaps she is shier if we still do our ritual in front of her school building. And this morning, before we left the house, she kissed my hand, and said, “Mom, let’s do ‘it’ now so that we no longer need to do that in front of the school building.” I laughed loudly but I didn’t object. And when she got down of the motorcycle in front of the gate of the school, she just looked at me and smiled nicely, and said, “Bye Mom!” LOL. And I kept looking at her walking entering the gate to the schoolyard, and I left after she disappeared among many other students.
Perhaps coz I claim myself as a romantic person so that I think that I have to (and need to) show openly my love for the ones I love and care much; moreover to my only kid.
I remember some months ago, one student of mine told me that her parents taught her not to show love to the children openly coz it will make the children spoilt. The children will not grow up as independent persons.
I know Angie sometimes becomes very spoilt when I am at home; really wants me to show my attention to her all the time. But she can be an independent teenager too when I am away.
What is wrong to show our love openly to our own children?
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Angie at her new school

Angie started her first day at senior high school on Monday July 17, 2006. She got accepted at the most favorite state high school in my hometown, SMA N 3 Semarang. I used to study in the same high school. In fact, I just found out that I even feel more excited to know that Angie got accepted at this high school than when I was accepted there in 1983, 23 years ago. The excitement felt by the parent is much bigger than the excitement felt by the child when talking about the child’s success? Probably. LOL.
Based on the experience the previous years, the municipal government of Semarang this year applied a policy where each state school gave more chances for candidate students living in the nearest districts than those living far distance. The comparison was 60% for candidates living in the same districts with the school; 30% from different districts but the same town, Semarang; and 10% from out of town. It is expected that smart students wouldn’t gather in some state favorite schools and leave the other schools for less smart ones. This was exactly what has always happened before.
From the result, this new policy seemed successful. No state school lacked new students. Last year, some state schools located in the suburb didn’t get enough candidates. And from the local newspaper on Sunday July 16, 2006, the municipal government announced that next year the quota for each state school will be increased 10% to respond the society’s need. Studying in state schools is considered as something more prestigious here rather than in private schools due to the cheaper school fees; except some favorite Catholic private schools that always get quite a lot of interest from society. They have their own segment.
A new policy always attracts people’s debate. Some are pro and some are con.
Some parents of Angie’s friends living in different district from SMA N 3 complained to me, and said something showing their jealousy, “Angie is lucky to be accepted there coz she lives in the same district.” It sounded to me like, “Angie is not that smart actually. She was JUST lucky.” I didn’t give a damn on such comments anyway. As a teacher having experience to face many kinds students with their capability and skills, I know that Angie is a smart kid. And as the mother, of course I encourage her that she is smart, she deserved to be accepted in that most favorite state school in Semarang.
For the 10% more quota for state schools next year, some private schools that don’t get enough interest from society see it as a threat that they will lose some potential candidate students. It means they will get less income. Less income means less welfare for the schools and also for the teachers working there. Less welfare for the teachers will probably influence the teachers’ spirit to give the best to their students. Well, the fact that the salary for teachers in Indonesia is still less than the neighboring countries is indeed undeniable. As a result many teachers have to do side jobs to make their ends meet; one thing that makes them not able to do their best in fostering the education for the future generation.
PT56 20.17 160706

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Angie got accepted at SMA N 3 Semarang

Well, the announcement of the acceptence of the new students of state high schools in Semarang was done yesterday, July 12, 2006. However, I couldn't directly write in this special blog for that lovely star of mine due to the bad access in the cyber cafe I usually visit. :(
I was here yesterday from around 10.30-12.30. I had tried to open this blogsite, however, it couldn't be opened well, till Angie asked me to go offline.
I checked the announcement here coz I didn't want to be in a crowded place only to see whether Angie got accepted or not while I could access it in another more comfortable place, like this cyber cafe (with its air-conditioned room). I remember that was what happened in 1983 when I was looking for the announcement of my being accepted at SMA N 3.
Of course, I am very happy after feeling sure that Angie finally followed my path, to continue her study in my ex senior high school.
So, now I come back to SMA N 3 building not only as an ex-student, but as a parent of my daughter studying there. Perhaps to some people it is ridiculous, but for me, it is something that makes me very proud.
Hmm ... it made me think that in 1983 my parents were also very proud of me!!! LOL.
Wish all the best luck for my lovely star, Dzikrina Anggie Pitaloka. :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Selasa, 11 Juli 2006

Aku di kantor. Angie juga berada di sini, sedang asik coret-coret sesuatu di sebuah kertas, entah apa yang sedang dia tulis. Tadi sudah sempat kutawari untuk menggunakan komputer ini, barang kali dia ingin ngecek mailboxnya, atau ngapain lah, tapi dia menolak.
Tadi pagi di koran SM, ada berita yang bertajuk, "Pendaftar Peserta Didik SMA N 3 dari dalam rayon, semua diterima" karena tidak memenuhi kuota, sehingga tidak perlu diadakan seleksi NEM.
Well, memang berdasarkan jurnal terakhir hari Jumat-Sabtu minggu lalu, pendaftar dari dalam rayon hanya 38,--% dari kuota yang 60%. Itu juga penyebab utama hari Kamis aku memutuskan Angie mendaftar ke SMAN 3 (waktu itu, pendaftar baru mencapai 35,--%).
Sebenarnya waktu pengumuman penerimaan peserta didik baru hari Rabu, 12 Juli 2006 mulai pukul 00.00. Tapi dengan berita tadi pagi, aku sudah lega bahwa Angie diterima di SMA N 3. Meskipun sebenarnya tentu saja aku telah bisa membacanya ketika mendaftarkan Angie.
Aku masih menunggu pengumuman resminya. :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Jumat, 7 Juli 2006

Aku (masih) di kantor.
Tadi aku meninggalkan rumah sekitar jam 11.30. Angie berada di SMP N 1. Hari ini adalah hari pembagian STTB dan raport. Ketika aku berangkat ke fitness center sekitar jam 07.30, Angie barusan mendapatkan telpon dari temannya yang membuat dia tergopoh-gopoh ke kamar mandi, MANDI. LOL. Entahlah dia berangkat jam berapa.
Aku pulang dari fitness center sekitar jam 09.15, dan Angie sudah tidak ada di rumah tentu saja.
Tadi siang aku sempet ngecek jurnal di website ppdsmg bla bla bla ... namun belum ada update terbaru, masih sama seperti yang kudownload tadi malam, hasil jurnal tanggal 6 Juli 2006 pukul 10.00.
Well, sekarang sebaiknya aku mempersiapkan diri untuk mengajar.
Btw, I am STARVING! I got lunch at 11.00. Semenjak sampe kantor, males banget kuluar nyari makan, bahkan ke kantin sekalipun.
Asik nongkrongin komputer dengan internetnya yang kebetulan sore ini lumayan TIDAK LELET. LOL.
I am having a cup of nescafe right now. Lumayan ngisi perut. LOL.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kamis, 6 Juli 2006

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir pendaftaran ke SMA Negeri.
Sekitar jam 9, aku dan Angie meninggalkan rumah menuju ke SMA N 5 setelah mengambil hasil afdruk pas foto Angie dan juga fotocopy surat KK.
Keputusan yang kuambil tadi malam, dan Angie juga setuju, pilihan pertama SMAN 3, sedangkan pilihan ke dua SMAN 5. Tapi, berhubung hari Senin yang lalu aku beli formulir pendaftaran di SMA N 5, aku dan Angie berangkat mendaftar ke SMAN 5, meskipun SMAN 5 menjadi pilihan kedua.
Dari SMAN 5, kita berdua jalan-jalan ke Java Mall, Angie males pulang ke rumah, sedang pengen ngeluyur, LOL, so, aku dengan baik hati menemaninya. LOL.
Pertama kali yang kita lakukan adalah having brunch at McDonald's there. Aku pesan seporsi PANAS untukku sendiri, sedangkan Angie pesan spaghetti dan french fries. We were talking a lot while having our meal. This is one thing I always enjoy when going windowshopping with my lovely star. Kita makan sambil ngobrol, dan hari ini kebanyakan Angie bercerita tentang teman-temannya.
Dari McD, kita naik ke lantai 3, ke TB Gramedia, lihat-lihat buku. Gara-gara lihat buku inilah, aku jadi naksir sebuah buku yang berjudul KAJIAN BUDAYA FEMINIS: TUBUH, SASTRA, dan BUDAYA POP tulisan Aquarini Priyatna Prabasmoro.
Dari GM, kita berdua mampir ke TB TOGA MAS, toko buku yang selalu memberi diskon. Dan, akhirnya aku membeli buku Aquarini di sini, lumayan kan ngirit berapa ribu rupiah. LOL. Harga semula Rp. 84.000,00, diskon 15% menjadi Rp. 71.400,00 A good buy, huh? LOL.
Dari Toga Mas, aku mengantar Angie pulang, baru aku ke kantor.
Dan sekarang, sekitar pukul 20.06, aku barusan ngecek JURNAL hasil pendaftar calon siswa di SMAN 3 dan SMAN 5. Well, menurut hasil jurnal, posisi Angie aman di SMAN3 karena dia berasal dari dalam rayon.
Really wish her the best luck for her study!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rabu, 5 Juli 2006

Masih tentang Angie yang mencari sekolah. :)
Kemarin, Selasa 4 Juli 2006, pulang dari kantor aku mampir ke SMAN 5 dan SMA N 3, untuk melihat JURNAL yang menunjukkan berapa calon siswa yang telah mendaftar, dengan NEM berapa, dan berapa yang berasal dari dalam rayon dan juga luar rayon.
Dan ternyata belum banyak siswa yang berasal dari dalam rayon yang telah mendaftar ke dua sekolah tersebut, yang berarti aku masih bisa mengharapkan Angie bisa mendaftar ke mantan sekolahku tercinta itu, SMA N 3. Harapanku muncul lagi, padahal dalam postingan kemarin, i sounded pessimistic, didn't I? LOL.
Ah, entahlah.
Hari ini Angie belum mendaftar juga karena SKHUN nya belum jadi (gara-gara nama ortu yang salah tulis, sehingga Angie harus minta ganti).
Berdasarkan JURNAL hari ini (yang baru bisa kuketahui nanti sore/malam), Angie dan aku baru memutuskan akan mendaftar ke mana Angie nanti, apakah pilihan 1 ke SMA N 3 dan pilihan 2 SMA N 5, atau pilihan 1 SMA N 5 dan pilihan 2 SMA N 1.
Just wait and see.
Angie sendiri nampaknya enjoy the hubbub of this hunting for school. LOL.

Rabu malam, 5 Juli, 2006

Barusan kelar ngajar jam 7pm tadi, aku langsung cabut ke SMA N 3 dan SMA N 5 untuk menjajal keberuntungan untuk ngeliat jurnal. Sebelum jam 6, aku sms Angie to watch TVKU untuk ngeliat jurnal. Ternyata Angie didn't find such a program on TV. She told me via sms. Itu sebabnya aku langsung cabut ke SMA N 3 dan SMA N 5 untuk ngeliat jurnal.
Sebelumnya aku berpikir mungkin situasi sekolah gelap, sepi, so aku ga bakal bisa ngeliat jurnal, and ternyata SALAH BESAR. LOL. Di SMA N 3 kutemui banyak bapak-bapak/ibu-ibu yang lagi nongkrongin papan pengumuman sambil bercakap-cakap kira-kira apakah anaknya masih punya kesempatan untuk diterima. Ketika aku langsung nimbrung dengan menjawab, "312" (pertanyaan salah seorang dari orang-orang itu adalah, "Berapakah 60% dari 520?"), mereka langsung memandangku, dan menyapaku dengan panggilan "mbak..."
Jadi inget waktu mengambil hasil kelulusan Angie di SMP N 1. Wali kelasnya mengenaliku sebagai salah satu muridnya, "Lah, dulu siswa SMP N 1 yah?" Setelah aku mengiyakan dan merasa senang ternyata wajahku masih dikenali oleh mantan guru yang sudah berlalu 23 tahun, beliau, bu Endang tanya lagi, "Kamu kakaknya atau ibunya Dzikrina nih?" Bu Endang hampir tidak percaya kalo aku adalah nyokapnya Angie, dan bukan kakaknya. LOL. Wajahku masih keliatan terlalu muda untuk memiliki anak seusia 15 tahun? LOL. Aku yang berwajah awet muda, ato aku yang terlalu muda waktu melahirkan Angie? LOL. I was 23 years old at that time!!! Not too young to have a baby, do you agree? LOL.
Balik ke cerita 'perburuanku' akan hasil jurnal.
Ah well, Lelaki Terindahku itu apal banget kalo aku lagi nulis email, ato apa aja, selalu ada distraction. LOL.
Dari SMA N 3 aku menuju ke SMA N 5 yang berjarak kurang dari 50m. Ternyata di sini pun ada banyak orang. Bahkan ada orang yang jualan hasil jurnal hampir seluruh sekolah negeri di Semarang dengan harga 3000 perak. Aku langsung beli untuk kutunjukkan ke Angie.
Dari SMA N 5, aku balik ke kantorku yang satunya untuk ngecek email dan blog. Dan juga nulis 'laporan' singkat ini tentunya.
Well, berdasarkan pantauan jurnal yang kulakukan hari ini, kesempatan Angie untuk diterima di SMA N 3 cukup tinggi, karena dia berasal dari dalam rayon!!!
Thank goodness.
Besok adalah hari terakhir pendaftaran. Aku akan mengajak Angie ke SMA N 3 untuk mendaftar jam 8 pagi!!!
Kesimpulanku waktu nulis ini, pilihan pertama jatuh ke SMA N 3 dan pilihan kedua SMA N 5. Entah nanti setelah pulang dan diskusi dengan Angie. Will she agree with me?
Tapi yang pasti tadi waktu ninggalin SMA N 3, I said, "SMA N 3, wait for my beloved daughter's arrival as a student here!!!"
Wish my lovely star the best luck, will ya?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Selasa, 4 Juli 2006

Aku berada di kantor. Angie masih di rumah ketika aku berangkat sekitar jam 11.35 tadi. Dia akan ke mantan sekolahnya, SMP N 1 Semarang, untuk mengurus SKHUN (aku sendiri ga ngerti singkatan apa. LOL.) yang salah ketik nama ortu.
Tadi aku rencana ngajak Angie bareng, liat hasil jurnal pendaftaran peserta didik di SMA N 3 dan SMA N 5, terus, aku mengantarnya ke SMP N 1. Tapi, ternyata dia sudah janjian dengan salah seorang temannya.
Aku masih belum yakin akan mendaftar ke mana Angie nanti. :( Segalanya masih simpang siur.
Tapi yang penting, kayaknya, aku harus menerima kenyataan kalo ternyata Angie tidak bisa melanjutkan ke mantan sekolahku 20 tahun yang lalu, SMA N 3 Semarang. :( Toh, SMA N 5 juga bagus, atau SMA N 1, meskipun anak-anak yang sekolah di sana borju. Mana mampulah aku membuat Angie setara dengan anak-anak yang berasal dari ortu yang borju juga? :(
Kita memang tidak bisa menghalangi dengan siapa anak kita akan bersosialisasi.
Angie selalu adalah seorang anak manis bagiku, yang selalu mau mengerti keadaan ortunya, karena aku pun selalu berusaha menjadi Mama yang manis buatnya, yang selalu mau mengerti apa pun yang dia inginkan dan lakukan, dengan menggunakan pendekatan KOMUNIKASI YANG TERBUKA antara kita berdua.
Banyak orang bilang bahwa masa belasan tahun adalah masa yang crucial, di mana banyak anak remaja yang rela melakukan apa saja demi diterima dalam satu komunitas yang diinginkannya.
Of course, I always hope that I WILL NOT LOSE the nice, and understanding Angie that I have known so far.
Kok jadi nulis ke arah yang sangat jauh melenceng? LOL.
Well, di mana pun nanti Angie akan melanjutkan sekolah, itu adalah untuk menambah ilmu buat Angie yang akan sangat berguna baginya di kemudian hari, termasuk ilmu bersosialisasi dengan komunitas yang macam mana pun.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Angie is looking for a school :)

Sunday July 2, 2006, Angie and I went to SMA N 3 and SMA N 5 Semarang to look for information about the registration for new students.
As I wrote in the previous post, last June 26, 2006 was the announcement of the final examination for Junior High School students in Indonesia. Angie passed with NEM (the original score of the final exam) score 26.20 for three subjects, Mathematics (9), English (9), and Bahasa Indonesia (8.20). With that score, Angie seems not to be able to continue her study to the most favorite state high school in Semarang nowadays, SMA N 3. Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed coz I dream to go to that ex senior high school of mine again as the parent of a student, while around twenty years ago I went there as a student.  In fact Angie herself was also disappointed. I don’t ask her yet why she was disappointed. However, my guess is it was coz some of her close friends are going to continue to that school, including the guy Angie has a crush on, RM. 
On Saturday July 1, 2006, Angie went to her ex school, SMP N 1, to do something related to her Junior High School Certificate. She found out that in fact, many of her ex schoolmates didn’t really feel confident to continue to SMA N 3 coz of the test given to student candidates. Starting this year, SMA N 3 will be the pilot project as one International-standardized school in Semarang. The subjects will be given to students in English and that is why the student candidates will have the test. (The other schools don’t apply such a test to student candidates.) The test includes, the aptitude test, the psychology test, and English.
Knowing that many of her ex schoolmates feel not confident to continue their study to SMA N 3, Angie became confident to compete with the other candidates. That’s why on Sunday July 2, 2006, Angie and I went to SMA N 3 and SMA N 5 to look for information.
At SMA N 3, we met some parents looking for information too for their children. One of them asked Angie where she graduated from, and the score of her NEM. Knowing that Angie’s score was only 26.20, that old man seemed to underestimate Angie.  In fact, it discouraged her.  While Angie was noting down some important information, I was taking a short walk to go around. Though there have been some new buildings here and there, the main building for the teachers’ room and some classrooms are still exactly the same. I no longer found my ex classroom where I used to occupy for two and a half years with my three classmates in Bahasa (Language) major.
From SMA N 3, we visited SMA N 5, to look for the same information. We didn’t find much different information. Then, we went home.
Angie plans to register to those two high schools with the first priority SMA N 5.
FYI, in the mid 1980s, SMA N 3 was also the most favorite in Semarang, and its competitor was SMA N 1. I even didn’t know the existence of SMA N 5 at that time. LOL. However, around this time, SMA N 1 is the third favorite after SMAN 5. Time changes, everything changes. I just expect the best for my only daughter.
The registration will be opened for four days, July 3-6, 2005. The announcement for the accepted students will be done on July 12, 2006.
Wish my lovely star the best luck, will ya? 
PT56 22.36 020706