Monday, December 11, 2006

Angie and her friends

These three pretty girl (from the left to the right) are Nana, Angie, and Mita. Now they study at the same school, the most prestigious state senior high school in Semarang, SMA N 3. And for your information, I graduated from this school too twenty years ago. It has always been the most prestigious school. :) sombong ga papa kalau memang layak sombong. LOL.
Nana—the nickname is the same as mine—has been Angie’s close friend since they were in the fourth of elementary school if I am not mistaken. Luckily they have always been going to the same school since elementary school. When graduating from elementary school, Nana’s parents asked her to continue the study in the junior high school where her big brother was studying at that time. However, Nana refused with the reason that Angie didn’t want to continue her study there. She wanted to be at the same school with Angie. Her parents gave in. So? They were at the same junior high school.
After graduating from junior high school, luckily they were accepted at the same school again. Even in the tenth (first) grade this year they are in the same class.
As far as I remember from my own experience, I never survived friendship for such a long time. None of my friends at elementary school continued their study at the same school with me until senior high school. I still kept the friendship, of course, although we didn’t go to the same school. Even, after I continued my study at my bachelor’s degree at Gadjah Mada University Yogya, I still once in a while visited some of them. I dont remember though when we lost contact.
Let’s go back to the picture above.  Mita, another close friend of Angie used to study in a different junior high school from Angie and Nana. They met each other for the first time when some years ago they took an English course in one of the most sought after English courses in Semarang, even, in Indonesia.  Luckily, then they continued to the same senior high school. Although they are not at the same class at school, they are at the same class at the English course.
With digital camera technology nowadays, it is much easier to record friendship like this, isn’t it? It is compared to the time when I was at high school. And with internet and its blogging technology, it is also much easier for me—and also for abundant other people—to share this kind of picture all over the world. 
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