Friday, November 28, 2008

Modern Cinderella Complex

"I am a princess ..
just like Mia Thermopolis..
right, Mama?"
asked my baby one day
after she read "Princess Diaries" 1

I sighed ...

"And a Michael will come to me
an ordinary boy who then turns to be a prince
who has loved me since I was a little
and will always love me forever.."
she continued pleading
her face beamed with light

I sighed ...

"Just undergo your life, darling
with all its sweetness as well as bitterness
enjoy all of it with laughter, smile
even with tears if you have to
coz I will always be there for you"
I told her lovingly

She sighed ...

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johnorford said...

cute : )

life is more interesting than fairytales -- for better or worse...

A Feminist Blog said...

I completely agree with you, John. :)