Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Intermediate 4 Class

My Intermediate 4 class, scheduled on Monday - Wednesday at 17-19 is the naughtiest class of mine this term. The naughtiest here can be meant the noisiest, the craziest, as well as (sometimes) the most annoying class. LOL.
This class consists of 19 students, only one of them is college student, one is a junior high school student, and the other 17 students are senior high school students. You can guess their age ranges from fifteen to nineteen years. The senior high school students go to four different schools, one to SMA N 7, I must say not a favorite school in Semarang, LOL, three to SMA N 1 Kendal, a little town in the west of Semarang, perhaps the most favorite school there, LOL, three go to SMA N 5, quite favorite school in Semarang, LOL, and the rest go to the same school with my Lovely Star, Angie, SMA N 3 Semarang, the most favorite state school in my hometown. Therefore, most of them know Angie, and they know that I am Angie’s mother. I don’t know whether due to this relationship, they feel so comfortable in my class, so that they do anything without feeling worried that I would get annoyed.
I must say that there is one troublemaker in this class, a student going to SMA N 5. I am not sure about his capability in mastering the material, but he is very capable to attract his classmates’ attention. He out of the blue loves humming in the classroom; he seems that he doesn’t realize how ugly his voice is. LOL. No one will enjoy listening to his hum, I believe. LOL. But since he is mostly successful to joke around, makes his classmates laugh with his foolish act (such as flirting a girl, by touching her fingers/hand, then kissing his own hand after that, while closing his eyes. Very annoying to me, but very amusing to his classmates!)
I am not always angry with him though when he intentionally does foolish acts to attract his mates’ attention and to make them laugh.
There is another student who goes to SMA N 3, the same batch with Angie. He is the one who asked me to write something about his class in my blog. LOL. Well, his name is Rian (he asked me to write his real name here!) with nickname “Pussy”. LOL. (Gosh, doesn’t ‘pussy’ belong to girls? LOL. LOL.) He is quite good-looking, and he claimed that one day when he went sightseeing with some friends—Angie was there too—an agent of one teenage magazine from Jakarta offered him, “Wanna be a model for ANEKA YES?” I in fact didn’t want to believe in him. LOL. Unfortunately (or fortunately), when I asked Angie about it, she said, “Yes, Mama, someone out of the blue offered him like that when we went sightseeing at the mall.” Nah lo. LOL.
Btw, Rian is having a crush on Angie’s best friend, Nana. Several days ago, he asked me if I had her picture, so I encouraged him to visit Angie’s blog and download Nana’s picture by himself. At the same time, I promoted this blog to my students. LOL.
So, Rian, this article was especially written for you. :)
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