Friday, August 11, 2006

After Angie going camping

Last Sunday, August 6, 2006, I was restless waiting for Angie to contact me to pick her up. She told me that she would come back in the morning. I was all ready to pick her up, anytime. I didn't go swimming though I love it a lot, and I usually do this hobby every Sunday coz I was waiting for her coming.
At last around 11.35, she sent me a message asking me to pick her up at school.
When she arrived, she looked so tired, dirty, messy, and I greeted her, "Goodness, my daughter looks ugly, huh?" LOL.
Arriving home, she asked me to prepare her lunch and a glass of iced tea. She was spoilt, eh? LOL.
At first, she didn't talk a lot about her experience during camping. it seems to me that her experience at Bantir was not really exciting for her.
Anyway, I love to see her coming back safe and sound. LOL.
Then, I found out that she was a bit jealous coz out of the blue, many girls have a crush on RM, the boy she likes very much. LOL.
She complained to me, "When we were at junior high school, he was just an ordinary boy, not famous at all, not the favorite of many girls. I was the only who had 'sharp eyes' to see him cute besides smart. And now suddenly, many girls like him!!!" LOL.
Angie seemed broken-hearted at that time.
Oh ... teenagers ...
She will have a very long life, she will find many boys in her life later. Perhaps she will fall in love with many other boys in the future (not just one or two. LOL.) It is okay to me. LOL.

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