Saturday, August 05, 2006

Angie going camping 3

I slept well last night. It means that I was not really worried about Angie who is still going camping. I know tents are not really comfortable places to lie down. But her being with her school friends will make Angie not really complain about it.
However, before sleeping, I miscalled her. When she picked it up, I hang it up. :) Then, I messaged her whether she was still awake and what she was doing with her friends, whether she really ate the rice and its friends for the dinner. LOL. She didn't reply the message though. I assumed that she was already sleeping then.
This morning, around 06.00 I messaged her asking how her sleep was, how cold the weather was there coz Bantir is popular for its cool weather. She just told me that she had to sleep in one tent together with some friends so that she didn't get really enough space. One positive thing though, she didn't feel cold then. :) She also told me some programs she would do with her friends.
Around 11.00 I messaged her again. Instead of getting her nice response, she said, "Mama, I am okay here, and have some fun with my friends. Don't worry about me. I will tell you the whole experience after I go home. Don't waste our credit now."
LOL. What an economical daughter. LOL.
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