Monday, August 14, 2006

Angie's experience dealing with boys :)

Well, I am not sure if Angie will let me write this topic here. LOL. Hope she doesn't mind. LOL.
In junior high school, she started to have a crush on a boy "seriously". Seriously? LOL. She had courage to "shoot" this boy too. LOL. Wow ... And the boy accepted it. Since then on, oftentimes they communicated via mobile phone (short messages) on Saturday evening. Angie seemed so happy at that time. :)
Not long after that, they broke up, without clear reason. Well, I didn't really know. And it is a very common thing to do, so I let it go like that. But from Angie's expression when she told me about RM, that boy, I knew that Angie still liked him.
Some time later (I was still in Yogya at that time), out of the blue, Angie told me, "Mama ... Angie jadian sama RZ..." Nah lo ... with another boy? LOL.
Different from RM, the shy boy, RZ is very confident. He kept messaging Angie almost everyday, (not only on Saturday evening) although they met at school everyday. I knew it made Angie bored easily. LOL. And I know in the deep of her heart, Angie still liked RM.
AFter graduating from junior high, Angie wanted to continue her study in the same school with RM.
Unexpectedly, they even were in the same class!
Unexpectedly (again, LOL) RM became so ignorant to Angie. My analysis was that he was a shy boy and he didn't feel comfortable if all the classmates know about their 'record' that they used to be close. However, to Angie, she feels that RM dislikes her very much. Of course it made Angie very unhappy. Moreover, suddenly RM becomes one favorite boy at school, compared to when they were in junior high school no other girl had a crush on him!!! LOL.
Last night, I told Angie, "In our life, sometimes we need to experience to face disappointment, to undergo heartache or broken-heart. It will even make us more mature in facing this life. Time will answer our recent question, honey. After time goes by, we will know whether RM really has a crush on another girl or in fact he still has that special feeling to you; whether you will be always trapped to your special feeling to him or you will find another more adorable boy. Just be patient with this disappointment now."
Angie was speechless. But I hope that she will always believe in whatever I say to her; just like when she was a little. "Whatever Mom says is right." LOL.

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