Sunday, May 13, 2007

Angie libur

Angie is having one week holiday due to the examination her seniors have to face from May 14-19 May 2007. She is happy so that she does no need to wake up early in the morning to prepare herself to go to school. LOL.
I am happy so that I do not need to wash clothes everyday. If Angie goes to school, I need to wash clothes almost everyday to wash her school uniform so that she can wear clean uniform that smells good everyday. FYI, she only has two pairs of white and blue uniform she has to wear from Monday till Thursday and also on Saturday. On Friday she wears her scout uniform.
I am also happy so that I can go to Paradise Club earlier everyday. It means that I will have longer time to enjoy being alone with books I want to read and the cutie where I can scribble anything. At the same time, I can enjoy a cup of cappuccino or Nescafe.
However …
There is possibility that she will distract my concentration when I want to type in the desktop at home after going back from PC because Angie is at home. She always needs to talk to me. I love it of course because we often have fun when confiding in each other. But yeah … when I have an idea that needs to be written as soon as the idea comes to me, listening to Angie can make the idea go away again peacefully. Not to mention when Angie also needs to use the desktop to do what she wants.
Ah … I almost forget. I have the cutie to scribble when Angie is busy doing something with the desktop. LOL.
You know, sometimes I am forgetful. It is very humane, isn’t it? Or am I just giving an excuse? LOL.
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