Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My shared Room with Angie

Talking about a room of one’s own as a physical place, in fact I don’t have one. I have to share a bedroom with my Lovely Star, my dearest daughter Angie. Since I moved back to this dwelling place more than a year ago after I graduated from American Studies Graduate Program, we have occupied this room together. Of course right now I don’t have as much privacy as when I lived in Yogya to pursue my study.
This bedroom, 3 x 4 m is also our study. Luckily we have our own respective schedule to be private. In the morning when Angie goes to school, the room is fully mine. I can do anything I want without being distracted by her. In the afternoon/evening when I am at work, this time is Angie’s turn to fully occupy the room with the desktop. After I go home from work, usually after 9pm, it depends on Angie’s schedule. When she has lots of homework or assignments from school that sometimes need to be carried out using the desktop, I will just read newspaper in the living room, or sometimes scribble in my cutie notebook in the bedroom also when I need to pour out things crowding my mind. After Angie finishes, she will go to bed and I can use the desktop. Sometimes Angie lets me work till late at night, sometimes she complains the lamp’s light that disturbs her. She loves to sleep in the dark. When she is spoilt like that, and begs me to turn off the desktop and the lamp and I go to bed with her, I sometimes give in. And both of us will enjoy talking to each other before we fall asleep. However, some other time, when I really need to write something, I have to ignore Angie’s beg to go to bed at the same time with her.
A problem will come when Angie has a long holiday from her school. In the morning, the time for me to enjoy my privacy in our bedroom, I have to lose some privacy. As my only daughter of course she does not have anybody else to have a chat with but me at home. I always have to lend my ears to her for that. I love it. However, I also will feel that my privacy is disturbed.
Is it high time for me to provide another room so that we have our own respective bedroom and study?
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