Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Angie and her friends

Angie has one close friend nicknamed the same as me-NANA. :-D Once I kidded her that she was not really creative in choosing a friend coz the nickname is the same as her mother's. LOL. They have been friends for about six years, since they were in the fourth grade of elementary school.
Today I talked about Angie and Nana to my workmates. Well, since Angie and Nana take English course where I work, my workmates know them. And I think, well, it is a very common thing for parents to talk about their children to the workmates. :)
Well, actually the story is not mainly about Angie, but about Nana who has been crushed by a boy who happens to be one private student of my workmate, A. A sometimes talks about his private student to me, especially about his 'approach' to Nana.
I know actually Angie doesn't really like if I talk about this to my workmates. LOL. But, in fact, my main point to tell my workmates about this is to let them know how interesting it is to have a teenaged daughter. They will undergo it by themselves some years later. Fortunately, among the teachers in this workplace, Angie is the oldest daughter. The others have sons so their experience is a bit different from mine. :)
Experience to be a mother, to me, is really exciting!!!

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