Friday, June 09, 2006

My Lovely Star

This is my lovely star, Angie. The picture was taken in February 2002 when she joined a modelling contest in one McDonald's restaurant in Semarang. Walking on the catwalk is one of her hobbies, besides reading, listening to music, and swimming.

She was born on April 8, 1991, so under Aries star sign, and Sheep shio. Some months ago, a good friend of mine who happens to be an Aries too said to me that one characteristic of an Aries is to be messy. LOL. That was the first time for me to realize why Angie is so messy, I mean she is very capable to mess everything up in our bedroom. LOL. And me, as a Leo, is the best partner for her to mess things up. LOL. I am not sure if I can use a proverb "like mother like daughter, or like daughter like mother"? LOL.

About Sheep shio, well, it makes the two of us. I also was born under the same shio. What are the characteristics? Well, I don't know. LOL.

The same hobbies between Angie and me I suppose are reading and writing. She reads faster than I do though. One favorite book of hers is HARRY POTTER. Until now she has read all the six books of HP. And she has a very good memory of most parts in those books. It is really a WOW, isn't it? LOL. Perhaps coz she is really crazy for that novel.

I always think that she is smarter than me when I was around her age. However, I used to work harder than she is not at school. One sure thing is she is more mature than I was at the same age. Perhaps coz I always treat her as a young adult. We have lots of discussion about this life together. Of course, coz I want to "shape" her to be like what I want--to be independent girl, not really dependent on guys; and especially to be someone who always thinks that men and women are created equal.

I cannot write long about her now coz I am short of time. Going to my workplace soon.

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