Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23. 2006

Last night, I went home from work around 21.15. Angie was playing a game in the computer. She had got her dinner so that I didn't need to prepare her dinner, and accompanied her to eat it. I just needed to wash myself.
While I was typing something in my computer, Angie was watching a sinetron on television. She usually watches one sinetron in one TV station on Thursday 21.00 but I don't know what it is.
Around 22.00 Angie entered our bedroom. She told me a lot about her school friends. I know, she needed a loyal listener, and I am the best one for that. LOL. Well, I don't remember now what she told me about last night, so many friends she told me about. LOL.
Around 23.30, I turned to the monitor, to show 'hint' to Angie that I needed my time to focus on what I was doing. I was writing an email for a good friend of mine. Angie continued reading her teenlit novel--Ready or Not by Meg Cabot. It is not really a new novel of hers. I bought it for her last year. Well, she just needed something to read; and rereading her novel was okay, wasn't it? LOL.
Around 00.15, she called me, "Mama, do you still want to type in your computer?"
"Are you already sleepy? Want to sleep now?" I asked her.
FYI, we usually sleep in the dark.
I hadn't finished typing, I was not sleepy yet either. However, I know that's the way Angie begged me to turn off the lamp and go to bed with her.
So, I turned off the computer and then the lamp and went to bed together with her, my lovely star. :)

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