Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Angie in June 2006

June 26, 2006 was the time for the final exam announcement of the third grade students of Junior High School in Indonesia.
I went to Angie’s school, SMP N 1 around 11am. I didn’t have any target for her. Anyway, I know she is a smart girl, only a bit lazy to study. LOL. Her IQ is good too, 121, mine is 122, not far different. Not a genius really, but more than the average. :)
While waiting for the announcement, suddenly I felt a bit restless. (I didn't feel restless at all during one month after her exam on May 22-24, 2006.)
Well, I must say that my being restless while waiting for the announcement was indeed coz of my egotism as a parent. I feel like there is a competition among my workmates and me. They know me as someone smart. As a result, people give “burden” to Angie that she must be smart too. In Indonesia, being smart is closely related to high scores plus good or favorite school.
Those workmates of mine fortunately (or unfortunately?) are not considered as smart as I am. However, their children are smart. I mean, they get high scores.
In my experience as a student at American Studies, I concluded that having high scores in Indonesia doesn’t guarantee someone as a smart person. Having high scores doesn’t guarantee that someone really has good knowledge.
If Angie doesn’t get high scores and cannot continue to one favorite school in Semarang, perhaps my workmates will look down on me, or on Angie. (Why should I care yah? :( )
However, when writing this post of course I no longer feel restless. Thank goodness Angie got quite high scores, 26,20 (for three subjects, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, and English), so that she can continue to SMA N 5, the second favorite of high school in Semarang these recent years after SMA N 3. Wish her luck, please? :)

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