Friday, June 09, 2006

This blog

Well, when I was having my lunch today, suddenly I got this idea, to have a special blog where I will write anything related to my lovely star, Angie.
I started to call her as my lovely star last year, around October 2005 when writing for the acknowledgment of my thesis. Someone who inspired me of this loving nick was, unfortunately, LOL, someone that now I call as an asshole. LOL. In one of his message to me, he called me as, "Pelangiku, Nana ..." LOL. When writing the acknowledgment, I was considering some loving nicks for me, and, not clear why I chose 'my lovely star'. She is lovely; and she is the star of my life. :)
I got an idea to have a special blog for Angie from some messages I got via a mailing list I joined. Some parents (they happen to be the fathers, so I conclude that the mothers are busy doing the household chores LOL so that they don't have any idea to write something about their babies in a special media, such as diary, or the e-diary, like blog.)
Angie knows well that I love writing something to post in my blogs. Perhaps one day she will do that too, coz she also loves writing. I have encouraged her to start writing short stories for her upcoming possible career--A WRITER.
For my lovely star, Angie. You know I always love you. You are the best thing (or the best ONE, LOL) in my life.

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