Thursday, July 13, 2006

Angie got accepted at SMA N 3 Semarang

Well, the announcement of the acceptence of the new students of state high schools in Semarang was done yesterday, July 12, 2006. However, I couldn't directly write in this special blog for that lovely star of mine due to the bad access in the cyber cafe I usually visit. :(
I was here yesterday from around 10.30-12.30. I had tried to open this blogsite, however, it couldn't be opened well, till Angie asked me to go offline.
I checked the announcement here coz I didn't want to be in a crowded place only to see whether Angie got accepted or not while I could access it in another more comfortable place, like this cyber cafe (with its air-conditioned room). I remember that was what happened in 1983 when I was looking for the announcement of my being accepted at SMA N 3.
Of course, I am very happy after feeling sure that Angie finally followed my path, to continue her study in my ex senior high school.
So, now I come back to SMA N 3 building not only as an ex-student, but as a parent of my daughter studying there. Perhaps to some people it is ridiculous, but for me, it is something that makes me very proud.
Hmm ... it made me think that in 1983 my parents were also very proud of me!!! LOL.
Wish all the best luck for my lovely star, Dzikrina Anggie Pitaloka. :)

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