Monday, July 03, 2006

Angie is looking for a school :)

Sunday July 2, 2006, Angie and I went to SMA N 3 and SMA N 5 Semarang to look for information about the registration for new students.
As I wrote in the previous post, last June 26, 2006 was the announcement of the final examination for Junior High School students in Indonesia. Angie passed with NEM (the original score of the final exam) score 26.20 for three subjects, Mathematics (9), English (9), and Bahasa Indonesia (8.20). With that score, Angie seems not to be able to continue her study to the most favorite state high school in Semarang nowadays, SMA N 3. Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed coz I dream to go to that ex senior high school of mine again as the parent of a student, while around twenty years ago I went there as a student.  In fact Angie herself was also disappointed. I don’t ask her yet why she was disappointed. However, my guess is it was coz some of her close friends are going to continue to that school, including the guy Angie has a crush on, RM. 
On Saturday July 1, 2006, Angie went to her ex school, SMP N 1, to do something related to her Junior High School Certificate. She found out that in fact, many of her ex schoolmates didn’t really feel confident to continue to SMA N 3 coz of the test given to student candidates. Starting this year, SMA N 3 will be the pilot project as one International-standardized school in Semarang. The subjects will be given to students in English and that is why the student candidates will have the test. (The other schools don’t apply such a test to student candidates.) The test includes, the aptitude test, the psychology test, and English.
Knowing that many of her ex schoolmates feel not confident to continue their study to SMA N 3, Angie became confident to compete with the other candidates. That’s why on Sunday July 2, 2006, Angie and I went to SMA N 3 and SMA N 5 to look for information.
At SMA N 3, we met some parents looking for information too for their children. One of them asked Angie where she graduated from, and the score of her NEM. Knowing that Angie’s score was only 26.20, that old man seemed to underestimate Angie.  In fact, it discouraged her.  While Angie was noting down some important information, I was taking a short walk to go around. Though there have been some new buildings here and there, the main building for the teachers’ room and some classrooms are still exactly the same. I no longer found my ex classroom where I used to occupy for two and a half years with my three classmates in Bahasa (Language) major.
From SMA N 3, we visited SMA N 5, to look for the same information. We didn’t find much different information. Then, we went home.
Angie plans to register to those two high schools with the first priority SMA N 5.
FYI, in the mid 1980s, SMA N 3 was also the most favorite in Semarang, and its competitor was SMA N 1. I even didn’t know the existence of SMA N 5 at that time. LOL. However, around this time, SMA N 1 is the third favorite after SMAN 5. Time changes, everything changes. I just expect the best for my only daughter.
The registration will be opened for four days, July 3-6, 2005. The announcement for the accepted students will be done on July 12, 2006.
Wish my lovely star the best luck, will ya? 
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